- How many daily picks do you send ?

Our team will send you 1 or 2 picks every day by e-mail with total odd /average 2.00 / . For example 1 pick - odd 1.90, or 2 picks 1.40 x 1.40 = 1.96. This is only an example, we may send you pick with over 2.00 odd, or 2 picks with total odds over 2.00, but try not to be lower than 1.80 total.


- Where can I receive the tips ?

We will send you e-mail with our tips minimum 6 hours before match start. So you ll has enought time to bet.​


- How much cost ?

1 week /7 days/ - 50 euro

2 weeks / 14 days / - 90 euro


- What about the odds ?

Odds of delivered soccer tips will be average 2.00.

 - What payment methods accept ?

We accept paypal. If you want to pay by paypal, contact us.



- Do i recieve replacement tips ?

Yes , you ll recieve 1 or 2 replacement tips depends on membership you choose. For 1 week Vip Tips - if we lose 4 or more tips, you ll get 1 replacement tip., for 2 week Vip Tips iIf we lose 7 or more tips, you ll get 2 replacement tips.

- Can you provide refund ?

Due to nature of service and work done for analysis, research, conection with other tipsters and consulting, we can not provide refund.

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